Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My Demoreel Version 1

Here is my Demoreel-Version1.
Theres still much more to add in this , thats why i would call this Demoreel Version 1.
I will be happy to have your comments and critics. So go ahead and write what you think of this.

I could have added some music to this, but didn't have much choice , so i left it blank for now. ;)


Ram said...

awesome work dude!

rajeshtheanimator said...

thanks Ram :)

Joshy said...

good work :) Movin bones is a neat trick.. but I would suggest doing a follow up down the chain too so that it doesnt appear disconnected.

rajeshtheanimator said...

thanks Joshy :),
could you please elaborate what you meant by "doing a follow up down the chain"

Anonymous said...

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