Thursday, March 15, 2007


Here are some of the pose tests.
Click on the thumbnails for bigger image.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My best friend and very good animator

Very recently my best friend updated her animation blog. Nice to see some of her cool animations WIP's. Especially the monkey animation "DON'T ANNOY MONKEYS!" is very good.
have a look at her blog :)

Time for animating

Have to admit most of my time is consumed by my office project nowadays. when i come home its like a total machine shutdown. I have to organise myself to finish my animation test with my latest rigs and start animating for the new Showreel.
Only in the weekends my mind feels completely free to think and animate these characters. :-\


There u go with another model/rig here. This model is just some simple shapes, i created to practice my animation talent. I created this one in 3dsmax. This rig has a hand control script which can store hand poses.

Made some rough animation tests with this rig so far. Feels good to animate again.

Will try to post some anim_tests soon.
Comments are welcome :)

The little dancing robot

Here is my another quick creation of a robot. I have created the model and the rig using G-Max to share among my friends to practice animation.

To check the Rig usability im doing a break-dance animation with this rig inside G-Max. Soon i will try to post a animation sample.

Feel free to post any comments, I will soon share this rig over here.