Saturday, August 25, 2007

another set of my works

Here are some my works i have done recently. All these are modeled, rigged and animated my me.
These are only just the screencaps of those files. The final images are having lots of layered maps and fur on them. Some of them have multilayered textures for displacement,reflection,bump,ambient maps done by some of the best artist i have ever seen Mojo,Tony and Sajay. They are my colleagues whom im working with. So its all about team work.
My part is only Modeling Rigging and Animating them as part of the projects.

here are some of the wip's im doing, below is a cartoon car model im rigging now just for fun.
Vehicle rigging is always seems to be interesting, since i used to play a lot of car games at home. Im trying for a realtime rig where i can drive it across the viewport and have all those dynamics stuff happen realtime. ( ofcourse real time dynamics in viewport sucks in max comparing to XSI and Maya) well i can use reactor for this type of rig, but i want to just imitate those things using just constraints and simple controls using just Max.

I will try to post this rig soon. As usual I appreciate and welcome all your comments and critiques on all these.