Thursday, December 7, 2006

G-Max show off !!

here i am again.. :-)
.. well in the initial stage i modelled this robo_cop_junior inside G-Max to show some of my friends, that G-Max is still very much usable to learn character animation...hmm lets say with less number of tools !!...but i guess they are enough to have fun with this Robo_Junior...
later on i thought i need this model inside 3dsmax.. and there it all started .. there was no proper exporter from G-Max to 3DMax. after a long search i found that there are couple of scripts available to export G-MAx models in to 3DSMax as .md3 formats.

finally i learnt a lesson :-) to model all the geometry inside the main package itself..
now im modelling the robo_dog in 3DSMax..